Consumer Anxiety

Since college ended, I’ve felt this anxiety that I’m not watching enough TV shows, or playing enough games, or reading enough books, and whenever I start one, I feel obligated to finish it, even if I start to lose interest. This is especially true for classic anime for some reason: Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis Evangelion hang eerily over my head like clouds, both of which I’ve seen the first few episodes of, and I think if I didn’t treat them like canon that I was required to watch, as items begrudgingly on my todo list, I’d probably enjoy them much more.

The same thing has been happening to me with my pocket queue, in which I have approximately 4,000 articles at the moment.

I’m still working on how to free myself from this weird narrative I’ve generated where I feel beholden to large amounts of content like this. I’ll update here when I have more information or a better idea of what’s driving this behavior or how to remedy it.

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