Publish your drafts [WIP]

Publish early and often.

All writings on the internet are living documents. They can and should be updated. Conventions differ whether you’re a journalist or an essayist or something else, but there’s no reason to make corrections and additions to already-published work, especially if your audience is small.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of published writing under their belt and little to no following, consider your rough drafts like seeds. When you publish them (put them in the dirt), you’ve accomplished the most mentally challenging part. From here, you can either refine them or delete them, based off what makes the most sense. Treat them like topiaries that you tend to. Let them grow, prune them as necessary.

Also by publishing your rough drafts, you force yourself to tend to them to protect your reputation, versus letting them languish in a dusty pile, virtual or physical. It’s easy to forget about or distance yourself from material you haven’t published. It’s much harder to do so when you know that material can be viewed at any time.

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