Link Aggregate

  • A bot that livetweets the names of deleted Wikipedia articles
  • Wikipedia has a formalized, easy-to-use system for creating and tracking edit-a-thons, and how much progress is made during them.
  • The best burger recipe / methodology I’ve ever encountered. I feel comfortable saying I’m very good at making burgers now, which was not the case before.
  • is a software-developer-oriented social network with an extremely cute and cool maximalist design, and a ton of good content. It seems like a very pure corner of the internet. I made an account and I’m loving it so far.
  • I recently learned about dotfiles, which is basically a specialized term for all the .*rc, .config, etc. files in your home directory, accompanied by the philosophy that they should be persisted in a github repo so you can carry over your preferred configurations to future machines relatively painlessly.
  • It’s cheaper than I thought to order your own high-quality stickers!
  • Kelsey Piper (theunitofcaring on tumblr) appeared on the podcast Rationally Speaking, and it was a fantastic episode. This was my first exposure to Rationally Speaking in general, and I’ve fallen for it. Julia Galef is a great host.

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