I think there are several things that can make you think more clearly and analytically.

  • Identifying and acting on weaknesses.
  • Getting enough sleep (8.5-9 hours for me, generally 7-9 for others)
  • Going on very short (2-5min) walks every hour with one big walk per day (walking 20min each way to get lunch with a friend or audiobook, for example).
  • Getting older up to a point (your brain really does change, and it gets smarter and more settled. this might also largely be a consequence of becoming more settled in life. unsure)
  • Publishing early and often. If the attempt is not strictly to monetize immediately, and you don’t have funders, there’s no harm in posting [poems, stories, apps, songs, pictures] early and often, even when they aren’t perfectly refined. Respect the 80/20 rule. Get your release to 80% of max quality in 20% of the max time.
  • Removing social media from your phone and always carrying a book you genuinely are interested in with you (carrying a kindle or using the kindle app on your phone also work, so do audiobooks).
  • Only start marketing yourself once you have a product (even if that product is your single-person consulting business). Wasting time on social media or “brand updates” is a fruitless endeavor.

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